One more John Hurt song in the key of A. This is not the Candyman song where ‘the Candyman can’. Although, in this version, the Candyman certainly can, he’s not actually talking about candy.


In this recording my strings are completely shot. I’ll have to record it again sometime when I summon the energy to change my strings.

Book: The Jungle Effect

Miller surveys a sample of indigenous cuisines from around the planet, looking for “cold spots” or regions of low incidence of some modern ailment like diabetes or heart disease. Learning about the culinary history and culture of Iceland, Cameroon, and other locations is enjoyable and instructive, though Miller’s writing is a bit stilted and filled with too many clichés. The recipes included in the index might end up being the best part.

Text editors

I was browsing my list of free programmers’ editors and discovered some broken links. It seems a couple of editors have gone the way of all bits. Farewell, ManyaPad! Goodbye, lpe! We shall mourn your loss and taste your power no more.

In the plus column, I found a living editor: Gobby, a free real-time collaborative editor with support for programming lanuage syntax highlighting.