About me

I’m Dave Peticolas, a software programmer, reader, and amateur dog walker. My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III and I’ve been futzing around with these things ever since. I was a major contributor to the GnuCash project and a minor contributor to Twisted. I’m probably best known for my introduction to asynchronous programming with Twisted and I am grateful for all the positive feedback and translations that has received.

The longest stint in my professional life so far was at Lucasfilm where I worked on digital asset management and production tracking systems and met a wonderful and diverse collection of people. Today I am working in genomics-related biotech for Counsyl and having a wonderful time working with some of the most talented folks I have ever met.

I currently live in Northern California with my wife Beth and this little guy named Ralphie:


You can also find me on goodreads.