Book: Python Standard Library

From the title, I expected this to be a thorough reference to the standard Python modules, but instead it is a collection of sample scripts which illustrate the basic usage of the standard modules. In that respect it is similar to the Python Cookbook, but the Cookbook has better recipes and more in-depth discussions of the recipes. Also, this book only covers up to Python 2.0 and is thus somewhat out of date. For example, it covers the obsolete ‘rfc822′ module, but not the new ’email’ module. Also, this book has at least one glaring error — it claims that XML is an application of SGML, which is simply not true. XML is a full-blown meta-markup language like SGML.

Recommendation: skip this and get the Python Cookbook instead.

Book: Python Cookbook

This Python programming cookbook lives up to the standard set by the excellent Perl Cookbook. In addition, this book is associated with a website where the programming recipes were originally collected from Python users. The website continues to grow and collect new recipes and thus represents a great resource for Python programmers.

Book: The Zope Book

This is a nice introduction to the Zope web publishing system, the system used to create this website. The currently published edition is a bit out of date, however, so you might try the the online version.

Zope is a python-based object system with a web-based interface. It’s a lot of fun to work in, though I’m only beginning to scratch the surface of all its features.