Book: Beyond Contact

This is an unusual book, I’m not sure how it got on my reading list. Mr. Heck believes that he has been in contact with alien beings for some 30 years and is writing to help other ‘contactees’ cope with the experience.

The book is subtitled ‘A Scientific and Unbiased Guide for Communicating With Alien Intelligence’. The author doesn’t seem to grasp the distinction between scientific evidence and other forms, such as hearsay. He often cites uncorroborated testimony as if it is undeniable proof of fact. It’s not clear why Heck would want his book to be scientific either, as he dismisses science and scientists throughout the text.

By ‘Unbiased’ Heck seems to mean an absence of pre-conceived notions about Alien Intelligence (which he refers to as the X Factor, abbreviated to Xf). That it actually exists he never seriously questions.

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