This is a partial list of open source software packages I have worked on.


Ardour is an open-source digital audio workstation. It is extremely cool and fun to use. It’s part of a large number of free audio applications that run on Linux (Ardour also runs on Macs, too). I wrote about Ardour and some other audio applications here.

I’ve gotten about a dozen patches applied to Ardour, mostly little bits of GUI improvement.


The BuildBot is a Twisted-based system for the automation of unit tests and other build processes.

I contributed a patch adding Perforce support, though I suspect it’s been completely re-written since then.


Epryl is a collection of Python-related Erlang modules I wrote mainly for fun. There is a module to pickle and unpickle some Erlang data types using the Python pickle protocol version 2. And there is an implementation of the Twisted AMP protocol for Erlang.


Erlang is a process-oriented functional language with an emphasis on distributed, fault-tolerant systems. I contributed the collective work on the Erlware Emacs Mode back to the trunk. I also contributed a patch to make the Erlang interactive shell behave a little more like readline-based shells.


Erlware is a collection of Erlang projects. The collection includes the Faxien package manager and the Sinan build system. It also contains the now-defunct erlware-mode Emacs mode for Erlang programming of which I was the principle maintainer.

I’ve contributed bits of Erlang code to several of the Erlware projects and wrote the Faxien bootstrap installer in Python.


GnuCash is an open-source personal finance program that runs on Linux and other systems. It is based on double-entry bookkeeping and has a GTK front-end.

I worked on many aspects of GnuCash, but especially on the checkbook register GUI.


The txamqp package is a Python module providing Twisted-style access to an AMQP message broker (like RabbitMQ).

I contributed several patches to this project.


Twisted is a Python asynchronous networking framework.

I’ve contributed patches for relational database access and the XML-RPC protocol, among others. I’m also working on an introduction to asynchronous programming with Twisted.


Perp is a nice little collection of utilities for managing
long-running processes on a Unix system. I have contributed bug fixes and documentation patches.


redis-py is a Python redis client. I contributed some bug fixes to the client.


txRedis is an asynchronous Twisted-based Python redis client. I contributed some bug fixes to this client.


eredis is an Erlang redis client. I contributed several new features and bug fixes to this client.


bullet is a library for making bi-directional connections between an Erlang server and a browser. I contributed an EventSource implementation and bug fixes.

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