Twisted Introduction

This multi-part series introduces Asynchronous Programming and the Twisted networking framework.

  1. In Which We Begin at the Beginning
  2. Slow Poetry and the Apocalypse
  3. Our Eye-beams Begin to Twist
  4. Twisted Poetry
  5. Twistier Poetry
  6. And Then We Took It Higher
  7. An Interlude, Deferred
  8. Deferred Poetry
  9. A Second Interlude, Deferred
  10. Poetry Transformed
  11. Your Poetry is Served
  12. A Poetry Transformation Server
  13. Deferred All The Way Down
  14. When a Deferred Isn’t
  15. Tested Poetry
  16. Twisted Daemonologie
  17. Just Another Way to Spell “Callback”
  18. Deferreds En Masse
  19. I Thought I Wanted It But I Changed My Mind
  20. Wheels within Wheels: Twisted and Erlang
  21. Lazy is as Lazy Doesn’t: Twisted and Haskell
  22. The End

This introduction has some translations in other languages:

116 thoughts on “Twisted Introduction”

  1. hi dave,

    I’m Jayson Pryde, and I’m new to twisted.
    I’ve been learning Twisted via your awesome tutorial, and I am already in part 13.
    I tried to implement my own client-server system, but I am encountering some hangs in the client.
    It’s probably because I messed up with callbacks in the deferred.
    I’ve asked this via this link in stackoverflow:

    It would be greatly appreciated if you can find time and take a look, and help me point out where I messed up.
    So what happened in the client is I am already able to send a request, but it seems that the callback to process the request is not fired up.

    Hope you can find time. thanks a lot in advance!

          1. Thanks a lot dave. I already merged it.
            Before I received your reply, this was somehow the same thing I did to make it working.
            I remove the other factory/class to make it work. But still, my question is, how come your examples work (even if they are already old) when I run it in my machine? And also, I’m still quite confused with the deferred returning a deferred.

            Thanks a lot again Dave! 🙂

          2. I’m not sure what you are asking — my examples work because the Twisted project has been very good about maintaining backwards compatibility. The code you posted didn’t work because of bugs I tried to explain in the pull request. I recommend reading the source code for Deferred itself and reworking the examples in the relevant chapters of the tutorial. Learning a new kind of programming takes time, you have to go slowly in the beginning.

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